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Day-trip for small groups in Champagne from Par...
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Immerse yourself in the world of Champagne during this full-day, guided tour that includes a walk in the ‘capital of Champagne’, Epernay, and lovelies points of views in the wineyard. Wander along the Avenue of Champagne past the headquarters of Moet de Chandon and Mercier before heading to the Collet Champagne Museum to tour the vines and sample two distinct varieties. Finish with a tour of the Gothic, Our Lady of Reims Cathedral where kings of France were crowned. -Visit to the Epernay, the Champagne capital of the world Enjoy breakfast at a local brasserie -Sample two different Champagnes and tour the vines -Visit the Our Lady of Reims Cathedral- Stop at different points of view for pictures.MINIMUM 4 PEOPLE

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